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Back in ancient days when there was no phone there were letters, tons and tons of them. Then Alexander Garaham Bell invented a machine which changed the world of messaging. When Mr. Bell invented this device he himself must not have known that it will end up reducing such long distance a few seconds away. Transmission of data packet changed the world so much that now we don’t care who we meet, we just know that we are connected. Fast forward 100 years, smartphones rule the world. May be some 30 years back it was still an alien concept with people mentioning it to be a big thing, however today it’s not a matter of need, It's LIFE

If you ask a 50 year old about the time they spend online they’ll say, ‘’3-4 hours’’, and while this might go upto 8-9 hours for people in their early 20's or 30's, for somebody born after 2000, they won't even relate to the question, they do not understand "online" . For them, for there to be online, there have to be offline.

The youth of today do not Stream TV, they simply watch it many a times through internet. Streaming TV is a concept fast receding.

The intimacy of screen and content has grown to an extent that they have merged.

And that bring us to the fall of digital, and inevitable rise of content.

The very understanding of Digital Marketing or Digital Agency reeks of old fashioned way.

As consumers of content, we have moved from huge screen shared by many to the small sophisticated TVs which were more personalized and private to laptops to smartphones, with each surpassing the personalization offered by previous category by huge margins.

Before brand used to catch the attention of the audience through TV screens or radio, and then shifted to TV and kept shifting to laptops to smartphones. However they do not realize that in this shift, the screen has merged and now the consumer watches the same series on their phone when they are out and resumes watching the same series on their TV when they get back home.

This explains how the differentiation of screens have vanished and the user is more focused of content consumption, rather the medium through which they consume. They’ll simply watch it through any medium they feel comfortable

Now, in this case of merging of various medium of consumption, what should a brand do to reinvent? What should a startup or a small business do to grow?

Well, to start with, they need to catch up with the changing pace. We cant still live in 20th cent when it’s already 2017.

What current users and target audience of brands understand is ‘Content’ and the Content you feed them needs to be value driven.

But you aren’t the only one looking to target the consumers. One thing which brands need an answer to is: “The target audience is overloaded with data, so how do we stand out?”

With so much of noise made by every marketeer, brand and agency, customers have relied on the novel way of blocking ads or just plainly ignoring them. How do you get their attention?

The answer to this is CONTENT MARKETING.

Nothing drives consumers’ engagement and increases sales like good valuable content consumption. When you produce quality content, not only do your target audience hook up with it, they also become faithful to you as a brand, which for you can mean a larger Lifetime Monetary Value per consumer.

With technologies available to know the real time online habits of your target audience, what else do you want?

Find your target audience, lay down their online behaviour and engage them with valued driven content. Remember, right content served to right audience is the key to your growth

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