Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi

The sudden increase in content consumption has opened up ways to engage your customers in unique ways. Now, a small business with a very negligible marketing budget can reach out to the same number of audience as a big brand by properly utilizing its resource.

But with so many competitors coming up how do brands stay relevant and keep on engaging their customers so that they stay loyal to them.

The brands – small, big, startups - need to realize that they need to reinvent themselves, reposition themselves with new marketing ideas. The youth of the world cares less about legacy, more about instant gratification. With each passing year, it continues to care less about ‘’the traditional brand image’’ and more into disruption, utility. They don’t have the time to watch television, they’ll watch that new web series instead.

We can’t still live in 2000’s when 2017 has arrived.

Shift from advertisement to content

What today’s generation understand is Content and the content you feed them needs to be value driven, it needs to be catchy, beautiful or viral.

Millennials are expert at ignoring garbage. They have been exposed to advertisement and marketing since they got into their senses. They know what will add value in their life and how to ignore something that won’t.

Here’s some example for to you to take inspiration from - The Deadpool Marketing Campaign, Godman Sachs Cars 2025

Understand the online persona of your consumer

As people moved online, their personas have changed. Online world gives anyone the freedom to be anyone. The brands need to shed down their pre-conceived notion about their consumers derived from their offline behavior and need to look at Person Creation from a new perspective.

Create two or three different personas about your target audience backed by legit data and try to engage them continuously.

Be Different – Viral, Beautiful or Weird

You aren’t the only one trying to grab your target consumer’s eyeballs. Someone who loves to sunbath by a beach is a potential customer for sunscreen brands, cold drink brands, sunglasses brands, beach wear brands, surf board brands, air mattress brands. The list is literally endless.

One thing which you as brands need to answer: “Customer is overloaded with the data, how do we stand out?” With so much of noise made by every marketer, brands and agencies, customer has no option left but to block ads or skip them. How do we catch the attention?

Produce viral content, content which offers value to your target consumers. Nothing drives sales more than a value additive marketing campaign.

Don’t limit your brand

Don’t limit your brand and its positioning by the constraints of the past. It is a known fact the brands who don’t reinvent themselves along with time, fade away with it.

Behemoths like IBM, Usha, Phillips, Toshiba, Kodak – all have one thing in common to their failure stories: They couldn’t adapt to the changes.

Stay relevant and don’t shy away from bold marketing gimmicks. It’s better to have customers with negative opinion than no customers at all. At least you have the opportunity to work on them and make them customer potential.

Use multiple channel

Don’t bound yourself to a single channel for promotion or generating traffic. Once you’ll develop your target’s Online Persona, you’ll realize that they are spread across many channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Path, Medium, Snapchat and others.

Develop a basic theme for your brand, an integrated storyline which you can implement on each of the social platform where your audience is available.

Users consume beautiful experiences on Instagram, while on Facebook they log in to check their circle’s updates. Twitter has become the biggest channel to consume updates from influential people, while Snapchat offers more of an instant gratification based experience.

Primary – Organic, Secondary – Paid

Always remember, a user earned from organic methods is far more valuable than one earned from paid marketing and hence will drive your growth for a longer period of time given you are able to continuously engage your gained customers.

Keep giving customers from organic channels a priority and only shift to paid marketing when nothing seems to work. It will help your brand develop a long term relationship with its customers which in turn will increase the 'Lifetime Money Value' the brand can get from them.

Be Persistent – In engaging and brand positioning

Having a killer content campaign won’t amount to anything till you aren’t persistent with your efforts. Remember, persistent in one thing which can turn a neutral spectator into a prospective customer.

Keep your brand story integrated across each channel and in each campaign. Don’t try to outdo yourself by creating a lot of different value points for the customers. Remember, you don’t want to confuse them.