Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi

Mark Schaefer got it right when he talked about "Content Shock" in 2014 which led to much furore amongst the whose-who of successfull dignitaries & authors. What should one do in the ocean of content. One might get lost with so much of content around us. How many content driven uploads per day is enough?

While too many(5 or more/ day post) of them works for many brands/people, for the most successful people like Brian Dean who is great at "Link Building", what worked was "less is more" With only 53 post on his website he already has 4 million visitors to his site. What worked for him was not the frequent post but the relevant write ups supported with statistics

Let's just analyse Brian Dean's content performance :

His 53 post in Backlinko has grabbed around around 2500 shares alone. That's his average number and when we compare it with Hubspot content the average share for hubspot is only 22.

Now if we ask this question to ourselves "how did Brian achieve this success" we probably know the answer " less is more" content strategy.

But how does "Less is more" content strategy works?

This strategy works through building up your audience, reputation and trust. How do you get that? By posting relevant blogs backed by relevant data.Few pointers for the less is more strategy:

1. Whatever you post should be backed by relevant data and analysis
2. Your post should be long and self explanatory enough with a lot of questions asked and answers provided at the same time.
3 Original content with references of reports
4. Comprehensive curated content.

If one can really work on the mentioned pointers there is no doubt that the audience you grab will be relevant & your ardent fan who would love to share and engage with your post.

Keep it less. Keep it Simple yet Significant.

Adios !