Many people have come up to me and asked this : I have started writing but how do i get famous or get the apt amount of followers, shares and engagement?

Now in this era of content ruling across, many of us want to try our hands on writing( read blogging) how should one be unique? What should one do to be a famous blogger?

My answer to all of them is this - passion.

Whatever you write should have that passion, that emotional connect with your thought. You should believe in what you are offering to the audience.

Remember in order to sell any product and be a performer you need to believe in that product, be passionate about it and everything rest becomes history.

Passion is what differentiate a performer from the non performer, a leader from the follower, a famous name from the unknown. Lets take few examples here : Einstein vs anybody from that era - Passion. PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi - Passion. Late Dhirubhai Ambani vs Vijay Mallya.

What's the difference? All the former ones are successful people who had/have vision and were/are passionate about that vision or the product they have made out of that vision while the latter are well known people too but lack vision and passion.

Why do you think blogging became successful? Because when a blogger blogs, he is passionate about the subject viz a viz the write ups of established Newspaper.

Having said that Passion alone can not help if you do not amplify it with a good marketing strategy and hit the right audience.Once you have caught the attention there is no looking back.

However we need to keep few things in mind as explained in my earlier blog Content Strategy ; simple Yet significant

Passion will push you to change your strategy and revive your product/art/write up as per the audience demand and change of times.

Take the vice versa case where a piece or product is written, pursued or sold without passion but with super marketing strategy.

What will happen to that? Yes, for a while due to its super marketing strategy it might get famous and seem to be successful but not too long you will find it dead.

Take examples of : Vijay Mallaya's castle or IBM. What happened to them? they are either dead or at the verge of it. Why? Because they started with a vision but lacked passion because of which they did not change with time, they did not understand their audience.

Passion + a good marketing strategy go hand in hand.

Until you get lucky like social marketer Jonathan Gebauer. He got famous with just a little bit of marketing but too much of passion( read - he wrote what he believed in).

One fine day, pissed off with things around him he decided to write a rant for 10 minutes & that rant/post was called : Social Media Is Heading In The Wrong Direction – Don’t Follow”

What happened next is history. He is one of the famous online/social marketer .

Where do you think Apple as a company was heading before Steve jobs rejoined Apple in 1997. It was heading to a dead end but look where is it now.

Why? because Apple was created with vision and passion of Steve job and he wanted that vision and passion to lead the company not the the mere feature of the product or specs. He revived it and win it by being passionate about the message.

You can too. What you need is Passion for your product/art or write up. Believe in what you want to sell in order for customer to take it from you.

Be Passionate. Be Hungry.