Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi

This one caught my eye when couple handles tagged & mentioned their dissatisfaction of the service given to them. the problem was not about the service but complaint like "This coffee tastes bad. Put some more cream", "I can see coffee bean all over my drink" Now these kind of complaints are best handled at the store itself. Do you think that the digital customer care agent would help you putting some more milk in the coffee through that small box of Twitter reply section? They can't run and move behind the table to serve & do the needful. Right?

How about the Major Complaints where the customer is hurt physically by either falling of near the exit due to some mount? or those customers who have nothing much to say but use bad words. What should a brand do with complaints of people like this?

My Understanding :

What I have realised by observing and analysing the behavior of these customers is the Minor Compliant customer are best handled by the following :

1. Lure them to go to the same store again and get the needful done next time.
2. Give them an email id to send their complaints
3. Provide a local call number.

For the Major Complaints, brand needs to train their digital customer care agents to be more empathetic in replying. The reason is these kind of complaints basically come from people who seek attention. Since nothing can be done online the customer care need to be empathetic. Let's take this case where the lady fell due to some infrastructure design at the store. Now this is serious guys which can call for a legal complaint too. Here the digital customer care agent need to be empathetic & quick in responding. We need to make the customer comfortable and aware that you as a brand are there. However, for the customers who have no complaints but to use bad language I hereby in no way suggest to entertain them. That's where the importance of the training comes through which the digital customer care agent will know how to deal with the complaint, which complaint to entertain and which ones to weed out.

With this era of content and social media there is a huge need of updating and upgrading ourselves as brands & our services every now and then. The one who doesn't will lag behind.

Choice is yours !